Zealots: The Judeo-Roman War of AD 66-69

Zealots: The Judeo-Roman War of AD 66-69


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The Judeo-Roman War began in the year 66 BC, originating with Nero Caesars directive to the Roman Governor, Gessius Florus, who plundering the sacred Jewish Temple; claiming the money was for the Emperor. The very next day he then launched a raid within Jerusalem arresting numerous senior Jewish figures. This prompted a wider, large scale rebellion and the Roman military garrison of Judea was quickly overrun by the Zealots; while the pro-Roman King Agrippa II and his staff fled the Holy City. As the fight widened, Cestius Gallus, commander of the nearby Syrian XII Legion Fulminata, along with auxiliary cohorts, moved in order to crush the revolt. Will you succeed where he failed?

Despite initial advances and the conquest of Jaffa, the Syrian Legion was ambushed and defeated by Jewish rebels at the Battle of Beth Horon. As the Judeans, will you repeat history and destroy the Syrian Legion? Over 6,000 Romans troops were eliminated and the Legion’s Eagle lost. The Eagle was an idol / symbol for the Roman War God Mars. This shocked the Roman leadership into realizing the scope and intensity of the situation. What started as a revolt had become an actual war.


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