King Solomon: Temple Builder

King Solomon: Temple Builder


King Solomon – Lord willing, Temple Builder will be available April 2020, please reserve your place on the waiting list

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King Solomon – Temple Builder is a game which involves expanding your civilization, avoiding natural disasters, and becoming a shrewd trader. The limited time trade round is an especially enjoyable part of this game. Trade cards include: coral, frankincense, fur, gold, honey, horses, iron, ivory, lead, linen, livestock, myrrh, oil, precious stones, silver, spices, timber, tin, wheat, wine, wild animals, and wool. Other player nations include Arabia, Assyria, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Hittites, and Phoenicia.

As Solomon will you lead Israel into a Golden Age of peace and prosperity? Will you become the wisest man on the face of the earth? Like your father, will you make an alliance with the King of Tyre? Will you build the first Temple? In your old age will you marry numerous foreign wives, amass chariots, and acquire 666 talents of gold? As the Queen of Sheba, will you caravan to Israel and establish a mutually beneficial trade pact?


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