King Saul – Israelites vs Amelekites

King Saul – Israelites vs Amelekites


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In King Saul: Israelites vs Amelekites will Saul defeat the Ammonites and be annointed King at Gilgal? Will Saul listen to Samuel, and be able to pass the Kingdom onto Jonathan? Once again, will Saul kill his thousands, and David his thousands upon thousands? What role will Doeg the Edomite play? Who will marry Saul’s daughter Michal? What will be the fate of Ahimelech, Ishbaal, and the Priests of Nob?

As the Ammonite King Nahash will you gouge out the eye of Israelite at Jabesh-Gilead? Will disunity in the Israeli command structure result in a weakened Israel? If Saul hunts after David, will that then be your choice time to attack? Will Saul be vexed by an evil spirit, and consult the witch at Endor? Will the Amelekites once again be victorious at the battle of Mount Gilboa?

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