Joseph – Integrity & Endurance

Joseph – Integrity & Endurance


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Will your father give you a coat of many colors? Will your brothers throw you into a pit? Will your brothers sell you into Egyptian slavery out of jealousy? Will you become bitter in jail? How will you escape? Will you once again interpret dreams, and rise to become the second ruler of Egypt?

Joseph: Ruler of Egypt is a 1-4 player 60 minute card driven (with map) cooperative game wherein Team Joseph has to gain endurance and integrity, as well as pass numerous Divine tests.

Games Components
One full-color 17″ X 24″ thin game map
1 sheets of 3/4″ double sided round counters (24 counters) on thick stock
One sheets of 5/8″ double sided square counters (46 counters) on thick stock
Eight rectangular mounted double sided Leaders with base
One Decks of 54 Game Cards
One Rule book (with example of play)
Two Six Sided dice


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