Ezra-Nehemiah: Wall Builders

Ezra-Nehemiah: Wall Builders


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As Ezra, how many Jews can you convince to return to Israel with you? Can you stop inter-marriage, and restore the Sabbath Day? As Nehemiah can you rally the Jews to fill in the gaps and create one continuous wall (Nehemiah 2:17)? “We labored in the work… from the break of dawn till the stars appeared” (Nehemiah 4:15).

As Ezra-Nehemiah can you call a convention and administer what became known as, “The Covenant of Faith” (Nehemiah, Chapter 10). The people read from the Book of Deuteronomy, which describes all the laws and ideals they were not living up to. They all wept and repented, and agreed to uphold the Torah from then on, especially to observe the Sabbath, bring the tithes and donations to the Temple and refrain from marrying non-Jews.

As Sanballat and Tobiah, can you keep the Jews inter-marrying and ignoring the Sabbath? Can you persuade the Arabians, the Ammonites, and the Ashdodites to attack Jerusalem if the walls continue to be rebuilt? Can you delay, discourage, and intimidate? Can you appeal to Cyrus King of Persia and erode his support for this project?

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