Exodus – Moses vs Pharaoh

Exodus - Moses vs Pharaoh will be available on June 1st 2016
Exodus 2-23 components

Exodus – Moses vs Pharaoh


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Exodus – Moses vs Pharaoh

In Exodus: Moses vs Pharaoh: will you like Moses lead your people out of slavery and into freedom? Will the Hebrew Elders support your leadership? Will a decades old murder charge be brought against you? Will Pharaoh relent and “Let My People Go!” Will Joseph’s Bones be transported for re-burial? Will you plunder the Egyptians to make up for 400 years of slavery? Will Aaron and Hur be at your right and left hand?

As Pharaoh, will you keep the Hebrew slaves in order? Will your building programs proceed on schedule? Will your magicians defeat Moses at his own game? Will the gods of the Egyptians protect Egypt from the great I Am? How will the supernatural plagues be dealt with? Will your chariots crush the slave revolt before they escape across the Red Sea? Will you succeed where your historical counterpart failed?

Games Components

  • One full-color 18″ X 23″ Game Map in 2 Folding Sheets
  • 1 sheets of 3/4″ double sided round counters (24 counters) on thick stock
  • One sheets of 5/8″ double sided square counters (46 counters) on thick stock
  • Six rectangular mounted double sided Leaders with base
  • One Decks of 54 Game Cards
  • One Rule book (with game charts and examples of play)
  • Two Six Sided dice


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    I tried this twice at the game convention. Once as Moses, once as Pharaoh. It was fun and fast.

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