Apostles: Disciple the Nations

Apostles: Disciple the Nations


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Exodus – Moses vs Pharaoh


In Exodus: Moses vs Pharaoh: will you like Moses lead your people out of slavery and into freedom? Will the Hebrew Elders support your leadership? Will a decades old murder charge be brought against you?  If you succeed in leaving Egypt, how will you deal with the Amorites, the Edomites, and the Moabites? Will Korah lead a rebellion at Kadesh Barnea? Will Aaron and Hur be at your right and left hand? Will your people wander the wilderness, or enter into a land flowing with rivers of milk and honey?

As Pharaoh, will you keep the Hebrew slaves in order? Will your building programs proceed on schedule? Will your magicians defeat Moses at his own game? Will the gods of the Egyptians protect Egypt from the great I Am? How will the supernatural plagues be dealt with? Will your chariots crush the slave revolt before they escape across the Red Sea? Will you succeed where your historical counterpart failed? And if not, will Almighty God destroy His own people?


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