3rd Megiddo: Titus vs John & Simon

3rd Megiddo: Titus vs John & Simon


Estimated release date January 2020. Awaiting professional prototype from manufacturer. Then additional playtesting and refinement.

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After massing the V, X, XII, and XV Legions; as well as auxiliaries throughout the entire Roman World at Megiddo, will you as General Titus then proceed south and successfully siege Jerusalem in AD 70? Will Israeli infighting, starvation, and desertion aid your campaign? Will battering rams and catapults be successfully deployed as the walls of Jerusalem crumble?

Will you as John / Simon be able to unite the various Israeli factions? Will the supplies last? Can you tunnel under the earth and destroy the Roman Siege Towers from below? Can you sortie out, and catch the Romans; off guard? Or will Israel cease to be a nation again for about another 1,800 years? Will your ancestors be forced to once again weep at the Wailing Wall?


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