1st Megiddo – Barak vs Sisera

1st Megiddo – Barak vs Sisera


1st Megiddo – Lord willing, Barak vs Sisera will be available December 2020, please reserve your place on the waiting list.  

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Will you as Barack rally your army at Kadesh and proceed to Mount Tabor? Will Judge Deborah come with you? Will heavy rains result in mud, thus immobolizing the Canaanite Chariots? Will the three Israeli tribes of Ephraim, Naphtali, and Zebulon be enough to take the Canaanites head on? Will Jael once again drive a tent peg through Sisera’s head?

Will you as the King of Hazor send your forces towards the Valley of Megiddo? Will Siera take command and bring you news of your victory? With heavy infantry and iron chariots how will your enemies stand against you? If you deploy your forces into the Jezreel Valley will the Israeli tribes scatter before you? The odds seem in your favor.


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