The III Caesars – Roman Civil War of AD 69

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The III Caesars – Roman Civil War of AD 69


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Rome had been a Republic with Senators for about 500 years. Then came the line of emperors: Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Calligula, Claudius, and then the sixth evil Emperor Nero. After the beast Nero committed suicide in AD 68 after an attempt to prove he was God incarnate, it appeared the Roman Empire had received a fatal wound to its head  (leadership) which could not be healed. Three Caesars: The Roman Civil War of AD 69 re-creates this struggle. Galba, Ortho, and Vitellius engaged in a war where Romans fought against their fellow Romans to see who would become the next emperor of Rome.

Historically, none of them succeeded, either militarily or politically. Can you succeed where they failed? If not, General Vespasian is on his way to Rome to proclaim himself emperor, and begin the Flavian Dynasty.


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